Jeremiah Ferrarese

Arch. Jeremiah Ferrarese

Every project needs hard work, creative process and respect for the History, otherwise not forgetting that everything starts from a spark, from an intuition.
Ideas is the base of all the projects, either design of a chair as well for Architecture. Without an idea is impossible to communicate.
Knowing the techniques and the materials allows to transform an idea into actual reproducible products.

Jeremiah Ferrarese was born in Padua in 1980 and graduated in Architecture at IUAV Institute of Venice in 2006.
Thanks to Paolo Scagnellato in 2005 he approaches to industrial design. His activities range from Architecture to Design.
His work in a few years received several awards and international recognition.

2007 Ljubljana furniture fair _ Wave folding chair _ Metalwork

2013 Good Design Chicago _ Revolution chair _ Cerantola

2014 Interior Innovation Award _ Revolution chair _ Cerantola

2015  selezione gran design etico_  Useme flip top table_Sitland

2015 Good Design Chicago_ Useme flip top table_Sitland

2015 Good Design Chicago_ Loola chair_ Brado Contract

2016 Iconic Award_ Loola chair_ Brado Contract

2016 Red Dot Design_Useme flip top table_Sitland

2017 ADI design index_ tavoli Useme_Sitland